Adopted January 12, 2009

1.  Members are asked to refrain from chatting during guild meetings.

2.  No perfume or perfumed body products should be worn to meetings or workshops due to severe allergies of some individuals.

3.  Food and/or drink, with the exception of water, will not be permitted at guild meetings, except for special occasions as determined by the Executive Board.

4.  All guild meetings, including committee meetings, will be held at the Charles Mack Citizen Center.  Any exceptions to this policy must be referred to the Executive Board for consideration and a final decision.

5.  The guild will not permit its members to sell for personal profit at any guild meeting.  Brochures and flyers will be permitted in designated areas.

6.  Business card size advertisements (2 x 3 1/3 inches) will be accepted from members at the rate of $5.00 per month for publication in the guild newsletter.  Non-members will pay $10/month.

7.  The guild will hold a quilt show, whenever possible, in the even numbered years.

8.  A Donation Quilt, to benefit the guild, will be made, whenever possible, in the odd numbered years.

9.  Cell phones and pagers must be turned off or placed in the vibrate mode during guild meetings.  Also, calls are not to be initiated or answered inside meeting room.

10. Handbooks will be distributed to all members.  Additional handbooks may be purchased for $4.00 each.

6 thoughts on “Policies

    • Hi Joanne, Our next meeting is this Monday, August 9th at 10 AM. Janice Sutton will present the program – “Quilts of the Underground Railroad.” I hope you can attend!
      Here’s a note from our president, Diana Lassahn:
      On August 9, 2021 we will gather at the South Iredell Senior Center for our first indoor meeting since April 2020. In response to ever-changing COVID Guidelines, mask wearing for vaccinated people is optional. For non-vaccinated people, masks are strongly encouraged. Many of our members and their family members have auto-immune issues that in some instances are still compromised despite receiving vaccines. Grace, charity and kindness are hallmarks of our guild always. Please remember each other during these unprecedented times.

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